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Glass Lab Scale 10 Litre Fermenter Mechanical Stirred 0-1000rpm±1% Floor Stand

Product Details
Brand Name: EASTBIO
Model Number: GBJL
Place of Origin: CHINA
Minimum Order: 1
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200 units per year
Delivery Time: 2 months
Packaging Details: polywood case
MOC: Single wall borosilicate glass vessel with stainless steel 316L top end
Aeration: Glass rotameter and ring sparger, PALL 0.2um filter
Agitation: Speed adjustable: 0-1000rpm±1%
Agitator: Two 6-blade Rushton impellers supply as default
Drive: Mechanical stirred from top with mechanical seal
Peristaltic poump: 4 peristaltic pumps assignable to function for acid, alkali, antifoam and feeding
Temperature: Pt-100 probe, automatic control
pH: Mettler Toledo / Hamilton pH electrode, pH2.0-12.0±0.1
DO: Mettler Toledo / Hamilton DO electrode, 0-100% or 0-200%
Antifoam: Sterilizable conductivity probe, automatic control
Structure: Floor stand
Control: EBio™ Data Aquisition and Automatic Control System mainly based on SIEMENS PLC, displayed and operated on colorful touch screen monitor
Motor: Servo motor with DC driver
Total Volume: 3L/5L/7L/10L
Verfied Supplier
Zhenjiang East Biotech Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd. [ Zhenjiang, China ] Verified Supplier
Business Type:Manufacturer
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Glass Fermenter